Our modern world is surrounded by tech. We’ve got phones, tablets, laptops, computer peripherals, earbuds, smartwatches… the list goes on. And emerging gadgets like VR headsets, AR glasses, and smart rings will eventually become mainstream.

You may love your gadgets for their functionality and all the cool things they allow you to do, but owning too many gadgets can also clutter your home and make your life more stressful. Here are five signs that it’s time to let go of some of your devices.


1. You Have Unused Gadgets in Drawers

The most obvious sign that you own way too many tech gadgets is (surprise, surprise) that you don’t actually use them but have them sit idle and collect dust inside drawers.

Don’t do that. Instead of wasting your spare gadgets, you can sell, donate, or recycle them. For example, you can recycle your old phone by turning it into a security camera.

2. You Forget to Charge Your Gadgets

Apple Watch charging next to AirPods Pro and iPhone

How often have you left the house to commute to work only to find out that your phone, earbuds, and smartwatch are low on battery? If it happens too often, you might need to reduce your reliance on smart gadgets to get through your day.

For instance, you can replace your earbuds with wired IEMs, wireless headphones with wired ones, and your smartwatch with an analog watch. These gadgets don’t need to be charged.

3. You’re Tried of the Notifications

If you’re like the average person, your phone receives dozens of notifications every single day. If you own multiple smart devices, that number can quickly jump up to hundreds of notifications. All that information overload can cause stress and distract you when working or relaxing, especially if you have a complicated smart home.

The solution? Delete all the apps you no longer need and turn off push notifications for the ones that are not essential. Sometimes, important apps send unimportant notifications, but you can block marketing offers exclusively, so important notifications are not affected.

4. You Lose Your Gadgets Easily

AirPods (2nd Gen.) Earbuds In Hand

The more gadgets you own, the more likely you are to lose one at some point. And if that often happens to you, it might be time to start decluttering your life and get rid of some gadgets. Don’t just throw them away, though, because that’s irresponsible and contributes to e-waste.

If you want to get rid of an old phone, you can trade it in when buying a new one. If it’s an accessory like a spare computer mouse, keyboard, speaker, selfie stick, cables, USB flash drive, or similar, you can donate or recycle it.

5. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

One of the worst things about always being surrounded by technology is that it can cause severe insomnia. You’re probably aware that tech gadgets and the apps on them (especially social media apps) are specifically designed to retain your attention for as long as possible.

This leaves a lot of us endlessly scrolling through our screens while in bed, even though we know we should go to sleep. One of the ways to limit screen time and get more sleep is to use an old-school alarm clock instead of relying on your phone or iPad to wake you up.

Tech Gadgets Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing

As techies, we are usually first in line to adopt new technologies and check out all the new ways they make life easier. But as the saying goes, there can be too much of a good thing.

If your gadgets make it difficult for you to focus, relax, work, and sleep, you should consider giving some of them up. If you can substitute your smart gadgets with alternatives that don’t require as much upkeep, we’d call that a win.


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