5 smart tech gadgets to get your home ready for winter

North and northwest India is currently reeling under a cold wave spell. But it is also that of the year when we would all like to curl up in our warm little cocoons. While this is one of the simplest and most popular ways to cosy up, we’ve listed some household items below that can keep you warm and active during the drier winter months:

Racold Omnis Wifi | MRP: Rs 22,849

Living in this era of advanced technology, we can order food, ride, and even book a flight ticket with only a few clicks. Why should your water heater lag when everything else is modern? Racold, one of India’s most trusted water heater brands, brings an innovative electric storage water heater with Smart control technology called Omnis Wi-Fi. It has Smart Control Technology, a combination of features like Smart Bath Logic, Auto Diagnosis, Eco Function, and Wi-Fi Connect for a customised hot shower. With the help of the Wi-Fi Connect feature, you may connect to and control Omnis from any location at any time. Additionally, it offers Smart Bath Logic, which allows you to adapt your bathing needs while conserving valuable energy and time, and Auto Diagnosis, which has an advanced microprocessor-based Auto Diagnosis that guarantees the complete safety of your family.

Morphy Richards New Europa Coffee Maker | MRP: Rs 5,795

It can be used to prepare a latte, cappuccino, and espresso drinks. The machine features a milk-frothing nozzle, and you can use it to make coffee drinks like lattes, espresso macchiatos, cappuccinos, and caramel macchiatos. It has a turbo cappuccino nozzle to prepare a satisfying foam in your favourite cappuccino. The machine is backed by 800 watts of power and 230 volts of operating voltage and comes with a two-year warranty.

Bajaj Majesty RX11 Heat Convector Room Heater | MRP: Rs 3,449

With 220W of power heating and an additional layer of safety provided by an automatic thermal safety cut-out feature, the Bajaj Majesty RX11 Heat Convector Room Heater will keep you warm and cosy during the winter. Its dual functionality maximises its usefulness by serving as a personal fan and a heater throughout the year. It contains a three-setting adjustable heating knob for flexible heating. It also incorporates a Triple Safety Assurance system consisting of a tilt-resistant safety switch, an auto thermal cutout, and a thermostat. The item is offered on Chroma, Vijay Sales, and Amazon.

Philips Air Fryer | MRP: 10,995

With Philips Air Fryer, you can curb your winter cravings with healthy food that is crispy on the surface and tender on the inside. With little to no additional oil required, its Rapid Air Technology delivers delectable dishes sans the guilt. There are two large knobs on the exterior cover for temperature and timer control. Thanks to the Quick Clean technology, the food container can be easily detached for cleaning in a dishwasher. Its food basket also comes in a non-stick coating for simple cleanup.

Additionally, using a Philips air fryer, one can rest assured of any odour associated with conventional deep-frying. The electronic kitchen device is a one-stop shop for all of your meal options and makes preparing your favourite foods simple and healthy. The product is available on Chroma, Vijay Sales, and Amazon.

Dyson HP07 Hot + Cool Air Purifier | MRP: 56,900

Surprisingly, winter is an optimal season for air purifiers since they help reduce seasonal allergies, which are often caused by increased exposure to indoor allergens. The Dyson HP07 Hot + Cool Air Purifier uses powerful Air Multiplier Technology to purify the entire room while combining intelligent detection with a superior HEPA H13 filtration system that collects gases and 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. A proprietary algorithm constantly verifies data while integrated sensors continuously analyse the air. Moreover, it analyses contaminants at the molecular level and shows real-time data on the LCD. The item is available on Chroma, Vijay Sales, and Amazon.


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