Not every gadget is made the same – some of them are incredibly cool yet pretty useless, while others are incredibly cool and useful gadgets. And that’s exactly how we like them! Now, where to find such must-have gadgets, hmm? Oh, right; as with everything, there’s a Reddit thread for that, too, where people shared their tried-and-tested must-have home gadgets that truly did change their lives! So, ready to check them out? 

We get it; you might still be a bit skeptical of these cool gadgets – are they really what you’re looking for? Or will reading this list be a waste of your time? So here’s a sneak peek. First off, people mentioned tons and tons of must-have kitchen gadgets, and we wholeheartedly agree with each of them! Take something simple, like a really good can opener, and think how much better your life would be with one. It’s such a little thing, but it does make a difference (bye-bye cuts and wounds from opening cans with a knife – nobody needed you in the first place). Then, the Redditors also mentioned some fairly cheap gadgets, like a pocket knife or a shoehorn, which seem pretty dull and not so useful. That is until you really, really need them! And lastly, people also mentioned the best gadgets meant for a very specific task – like for making yourself an absolute banger of a taco – they admitted had changed their lives tremendously. All in all, these must-have gadgets range from pretty basic stuff you might’ve completely forgotten about to some really high-tech things you’ve been dreaming about for a while now. 

So, ready to take a look at the must-have gadgets people on this AskReddit thread deemed as life-changing? If so, you know what to do here – scroll down below, check out the submissions, give the best ones your vote, and share this article with your friends!

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet jerrythecactus wrote:
“I mean a fire extinguisher is a good investment for preventing house fires and stuff.”

Another Reddit user added:
“It can’t prevent, it can stop.”

jerrythecactus Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “A base-model Kindle and a free Overdrive account through your local library will give you access to more reading material than you could get through in a lifetime. So that’s pretty neat.”

Portarossa Report

“A cup. Holds liquids so they are easier to drink. Way easier to use than hands.”

Mewing_Raven Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “A headlamp.

Seriously, if you need a flashlight chances are you want to see what you are doing – with your hands. Normal flashlights have their purpose but more often than not you’ll hold that thing with your teeth because you can’t change that lightbulb you barely reach with only one hand or whatever it is you are doing.”

Nuranon Report

bootorangutan wrote:

MossBone added:
“I couldn’t agree more. I always watch dashcam videos on YouTube but never actually had anything happen to me until 2 months ago. Someone decided it was a good idea to run across the street at night and I struck him. All caught on dashcam.”

bootorangutan Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet AnomalousAvocado wrote:
“A bidet attachment for your toilet. Got one on Amazon for $30 and I will never go without again.”

slaughterj11 added:
“This is a huge life changer and it even pays for itself in toilet paper you save. I could never go without and am amazed these aren’t more common in the states.”

AnomalousAvocado Report

_Than0s wrote:
“As a person that lives in an apartment, a white noise machine has helped me take back my sleep.”

PrinceVarlin added:
“I use it to fend off the creeping existential dread!”

_Than0s Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “Electric Kettle – 1750 watts of water heating power (US) and 3000watts (UK).

Aside from the refrigerator, it is the most used appliance in the kitchen.

best $26 I’ve ever spent.”

wastingtoomuchthyme Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “A reusable water bottle. Though I suppose it only becomes life changing if you actually fill it with water and use it.”

-Miss_Information- Report

Cydia_user_420 wrote:
“A glass screen protector. You guys are walking around with shattered $1000 iPhones i don’t understand why you cant afford a $50 screen protector.”

JesterBarelyKnowHer responded:
“$50? I usually get them for about $5 each off Amazon. Best story was when I ran over my phone with the lawnmower. Glass screen protector broke, but phone was fine.”

Cydia_user_420 Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet A user wrote:
“Immersion blender. You don’t need the $500 one, the $36 will do.”

ThatSentenceSucks replied:
“But the $500 one has ‘Nutri’ in the name. That means it doesn’t cut the nutritious bits into less nutritious bits right?” Report

A user wrote:
“A back scratcher.”

Another user responded:
“Where did you buy a wife for $50?” Report

“A plastic drain snake. They’re about $5 and clear a drain more effectively than any chemical drain cleaner.”

cluelessafterall Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “Having a powerbank is a great tool when any electronic device is running low on battery. It’s saved me dozens of times.” Report

“Under the door draft guard. Had no idea how drafty it was until I tried it out. It works year-round, so I’m not throwing away $ pumping up the heat and AC that just goes right out the front door.”

cousin_geri Report

“If your car doesn’t have USB connections, an in-car cigarette-lighter-to-USB converter is great. Couple that with a tape-deck-to-aux converter, and it’s audiobooks for days.”

Portarossa Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet GarlicsPepper wrote:
“Food scale. Takes like five seconds to measure something to the gram. Really useful, whether you’re on a diet or just trying to get a bowl of oatmeal just how you like it.”

MrFizzles replied:
“I’ve been on a diet since April and struggling to lose the last 10 pounds until I reach my goal weight. I bought a food scale about a week ago and I couldn’t believe how off my guess were for some of the food I was making.”

GarlicsPepper Report

jward wrote:
“The biggest must have that nobody has if you live somewhere with snow and ice is a package of cat litter tossed in the back of your vehicle. Instant traction if you ever get stuck.”

41i5h4 responded:
“I just use my floor mats. It has worked for me every time I’ve ever needed it.”

jward Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “A warm fuzzy blanket that makes you want to kick the air while under it you know the kind but as a big one for the bed.”

Dinisfpaulino Report

“I LOVE my mini Foreman grill that my grandma gave me.

It’s so much easier to use and clean than a frying pan when I want to make a grilled sandwich, or a large, single cut of meat. It doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen, and it’s fast! It’s also great for cooking a small portion of bacon.”

LeaveWuTangAlone Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “Switching from a 88 cent wall mart kitchen knife to a $9 Walmart kitchen knife has been life changing.”

icebattler Report

“A sink plunger. I never had one before, but I recently started using one and it really works great to clear clogs.

Just… don’t mix it up with the toilet plunger. Or use your sink plunger in the toilet.”

psmylie Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet digikun wrote:
“Anyone who buys pre ground coffee, buy a $10 coffee grinder and start buying whole bean. It makes a world of difference in flavor. If you’re going to drink something every day, might as well make it good, right?”

Another user added:
“In addition to that, a French press. The difference in taste is astounding.”

digikun Report

“You can get a water bottle with a straw that filter out almost all impurities, including bacteria, for about $30. We used these while camping in Africa. You can literally get water out of a random creek.

These can literally save lives.”

solojones1138 Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “Dimmable light bulbs. No one realizes that bright lights at night aren’t healthy and interfere with sleep. Darker lights at night are just so much of a quality of life improvement, explicitly to not have harsh lights when I’m tired, and implicitly for a healthier sleep pattern. Some are expensive like the Philips Hue set, but I got a kit from Sengled for $30.”

Snikerdoodlz Report

“A Chromecast. Anything you can watch on your phone, you can watch on your tv.”

issiautng Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “A Bluetooth shower speaker. My phone isn’t waterproof and the steam builds up in my bathroom so I bought a cheap speaker for about £10. Makes showering fell like much less of a chore and it will play music from my phone all the way from the next room.”

PotatoChris1 Report

vinsomm wrote:
“Phone charger hidden camera. Best purchase I’ve made in the last year. I get to watch my landlords maintenance guy snoop around my house and I get to watch my two dogs silly antics when they think no one is watching.”

deskpalm responded:
“Oh, the dogs know. They just make it seem like they don’t know.”

vinsomm Report

“A boot dryer. I’m telling you outdoors folks whether it’s for work for play it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”

lostcoastline44 Report

Byizo wrote:
“Rasberry Pi.”

the_loneliest_noodle added:
“I have like 5 of these things. Network wide ad blocking, file server, pocket arcade, diagnostic tool for work (IT), and super neat linux alarm clock I’ve hooked up to a 4.5 in touch-screen next to the bed.

The amount of stuff you can do with a $30 machine is incredible. And hell, half the things above I could do with the $5 version.”

Byizo Report

Storiea wrote:
“The little handles you stick into the ends of corn so you don’t get your hands all slippery. Truly the pinnacle of human innovation.”

9989989 added:
“Bonus if they are shaped like farm animals.”

Storiea Report

“Recently found light bulbs at hd that not only have blue tooth controlled dim and color…

They have built in speakers

Whole house rocks now!”

Bassmeant Report

“Those neat apple corer thingys that cut the apple into slices at the same time.”

penny_can Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet User No 1 wrote:
“A cheap gadget? I’ll give you 2.

1.Ice Scraper
2.Spray bottle.

Fill the spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol 50% and water 50%. Apply liberally to ice cover windshields.”

Titansjester responded:
“As long as you don’t fill it with water and it isn’t super cold out, spraying some windshield washing fluid on your windshield goes a long way to quickly remove frost.” Report

“Digital luggage scale… I’ve packed more 49.9 lb checked bags and each time the airline folks give me that pro-style nod.”

evilgilligan Report

misterman573 wrote:

funkyjiveturkey added:

misterman573 Report

“Automatic soap dispenser in my kitchen. I deal with a lot of raw meat and this just helps give me so much peace of mind.” Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet MountainThorn42 wrote:
“A Shoehorn.”

leclair63 added:
“Specifically a long one so you don’t have to bend over as much!”

MountainThorn42 Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “Literally rubber bands. Got a soda bottle that’s apparently tougher than the others? Wrap a rubber band around it and then twist it. Got a jar that’s apparently tougher than the others? Wrap that rubber band around and do a twist. It’s made my life easier and has reduced the amount of times my hands were rubbed raw and stung afterwards.”

Luminara36 Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “One of those adapters that let you connect harddrives to USB. get one that does pata and sata.

If your computer dies, you can recover your harddrive, if a friends goes, you can save thier music and documents.

If the harddrive is the part that breaks, most of the time you can freeze it (IN A ZIPLOCK!) overnight, and in the morning, you’ll usually have another 2 or 3 hours to transfer files to another PC.

These tips will make you a superhero when it counts. nab one of those adapters, 10, maybe 15 bucks.”

VAShumpmaker Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet They make camera drones now that fit in your pocket for around 50.

I got one for the hell of it and its a lot more useful than you’d think.

I scared off a woodpecker that was harassing my sister by knocking on her wall at 5 in the morning.

I checked my parent’s gutters and roof for them, when they only off hand mentioned they needed to check it in passing.”

BlatantConservative Report

garycarroll wrote:
“Nite-lite for the bathroom, so you don’t either blind yourself in the middle of the night or crash about.”

wondersparrow replied:
“We changed the switches in our bathrooms to dimmable occupancy sensors. Walk in in the middle of the night, light turns on to its lowest setting. Want more light, tap the switch. Turns off on its own too, which is great.

Bedrooms got the same treatment with vacancy sensors. They won’t turn on without tapping the switch, but they will turn themselves off.”

Another user added:
“After 10pm if I open my bedroom door my hall light turn on to 5% and bathroom light 10%, close my door and they shut back off.”

garycarroll Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet prime-meridian wrote:
“A cigarette lighter, even if you don’t smoke. Handy for candles, or burning off stray threads from clothing.”

Sentient6ix added:
“Plus, I tend to light my friends’ cigs for them just to be that dude every once in a while.”

prime-meridian Report

toppup wrote:
“ODB2 Scanner.”

codered434 added:
“Yep. Now your car will tell you what’s wrong with it before taking it to your mechanic. Also good to help make sure a new (or existing) mechanic isn’t fraudulent.”

toppup Report

63 Must-Have Gadgets As Rated By The People On The Internet “I bought a $25 bluetooth speaker and honestly it’s been so handy. Already have a nice stereo in my room but this way I can listen to music in my kitchen while I am cooking.” Report

“A telescoping pen that goes on your keychain. They forget to give you a pencil at the Sushi place? No problem. Need to sign your kids permission slip at the school. Got it. Need to write a check on the fly.

Tru Utility Telescoping Pen… fantastic buy.”

Kether_Nefesh Report

“An AA battery charger. You never have to go mouse free again.”

ladyeditor Report

“Get a USB footpedal. Even with shipping, you could get it below $50.

I got a 3 foot-pedal, I use it for programming, gaming and just web browsing. It opens a whole new world of laziness.

Think of a foot pedal as alternative way to press keyboard shortcuts. I binded mine personally to Previous Tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab), Close Tab (Ctrl+W), and Next Tab (Ctrl+Tab). Though I have sometimes rebinded them if I’m gaming to Crouching, Running, Push-To-Talk, Display Scores in games, and anything else. It’s like a keyboard for your feet basically.”

IceCubez Report

_MrSolo_ wrote:
“Lock picking set for sure, you’ll enjoy it so much.”

NickMarcil added:
“I really love picking doors for 60 min while swearing, you are right. It’s so random, some take me 5 seconds, some are impossible, they all are 5-6 pin normal door lock. On the other hand, all 3-4 or lower pin lock take 5min max.”

_MrSolo_ Report

“With great power comes great responsibility, but what you’re looking for is a TV-B-Gone.

It fits on your keychain, and with one press of a button, it cycles through every major TV brand’s “off button” and turns off every TV in your vicinity.

If you buy this thing, don’t be a prick about it. If there are 300 people in a sports bar watching a game, that stuff is NOT funny.

Please find your moral compass and use it responsibly. Maybe a waiting room at the dentist has had Fox News on for an hour and you’re sick of it. Maybe your lazy teacher is showing you a documentary instead of teaching. Maybe you want to punk your roommate into thinking the TV is broken.

That’s all fine. And this thing works. Just please don’t turn a sports bar into pure anarchy.” Report


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