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Travel has picked up with plenty booking last-minute holidays to Corfu, city breaks in the sunshine indulging in Spanish tapas and Sangria, or wholesome yoga retreats off the beaten track overlooking iconic rice fields in Bali. 

Wherever in the world you are jetting off to, there are some nifty gadgets to have on your radar. 

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While some travel buys are to keep you comfortable during the flight, whether that is short haul or long haul, others will see you through your entire vacation. 

While some may be looking to fully unwind on the journey to and from your destination with headphones, and foot rests, others may need all the top tips to help them squeeze absolutely everything into their case or cabin bag. 

However, others may need all the tips and tricks to keep them cool on their upcoming adventure. 

From travel pillows and ear plugs, to compression packing cubes, and travel bags that double up as a seat with all the queues at airports, these are some of the essentials that will change the way you travel forever. 

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Travel pillow 

A travel pillow has long been on our must-pack lists for as long as we can remember, because there is nothing worse than being stuck between two people who have dozed off, and you can’t get any shut eye yourself. 

TikTok has had some savvy packers even using their pillow as extra luggage space for some essentials, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Go Travel Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow, £19.99, John Lewis 


Flight Earplugs

Whether you suffer from ear pain due to the pressure during the flight, or simply want to drown out the surround sounds so you can doze off on your journey, flight earplugs and an eye mask are must-haves.

The earplugs are super easy to use, simply pop in your ears before take off, but take out when you have reached cruising altitude, and slip back in when preparing to land, to make the journey a little more comfortable. 

Travel eye mask & earplug set, £5.50, Boots 


Airplane in Flight Phone Holder

We all love binge watching our favourite shows, or films, we have downloaded prior to a long haul flight, with no disturbances. 

But let your hand rest a while with this nifty phone holder to keep your screen propped up throughout your flight, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and order a few in-flight snacks for good measure.

Airplane in Flight Phone Holder, £12.49, Amazon 


Sleep Headphones

A genius invention if you ask us, and one you will not turn your back on when you have tried it. 

The Sleep Headphones are a three-in-one, as they allow you to listen to a film, or your music hands free via Bluetooth, while also working as an eye mask to help you catch those all important z’s. 

Sleep Headphones, £19.99, Amazon 


Airline Flight Adapters

Some airlines provide the headphones built into the armrest, others charge you, but either way, there is often an issue with them along the way. 

So to save the hassle, invest in your own Flight Adaptors so you can listen with ease – and without fear the airline will run out of headphones for you.

Airline Flight Adapters, £5.98, Amazon 


Large Travel Backpack

Whether you are pack light, or not, it is always helpful to have a backpack to use as your hand luggage on your flight. 

This Large Travel Backpack is ideal as there is a compartment for absolutely everything, as well as a secret compartment for anti-theft purposes so you can be sure your valuables are kept in a safe place, plus a charging point to keep your phone, and other devices fully juiced. 

Large Travel Backpack, from £29.99, Amazon


Airplane Footrest

For those who really want to sit back and relax on the flight – after all, it is the start of your holiday – a footrest is the ticket. 

Ideally this is best for longhaul flights where you are tight for leg room, or hop on those red eye flights. 

Airplane Footrest, £8.99 Amazon


Portable Backpack Hiking Seat

We can’t help but hear about travel delays, and long queues in airports, and for those who want to come prepared, then this backpack, which has a built in pull out seat could just save your bacon. 

Not only can you house all your essentials ahead of your trip, but also during, especially for those who are planning a camping or hiking break. 

Portable Backpack Hiking Seat, £23.69, Amazon


PortoVino Beach Wine Tote

We all love a trip to the beach, and a cocktail – or two. But why not house the two in one? 

Not quite following? Well, the PortoVino Beach Wine Tote looks like any regular beach bag, but also has a secret pouch you can store any beverage, which connects to a nozzle you can pour it out of at the front.  

PortoVino Beach Wine Tote, £97.40, Amazon 


Safe Water Bottle Stash

If you’re anything like us you may find yourself a little too conscious about leaving your valuables on the beach, or by the pool, on holiday – just in case. 

But this nifty design can keep your fears at bay, as it is a water bottle, with an additional secret compartment to store jewellery and spare change. 

Safe Water Bottle Stash, £31.76, Amazon


Eono Microfibre Towel

We often hear everyone rave about microfibre towels, but what is all the fuss about?

Microfibre towels are lightweight, compact, but also quick drying, and super absorbent, which is ideal when you have spent a day at the beach and have to lug your beach towel back to your hotel. These designs come in various colours and sizes from extra small to extra extra large, so you can avoid touching the sand if you choose. 

Eono Microfibre Towel, £20.39, Amazon 


Stackers Cable Tidy Travel Bag

When packing for a trip our bags are often filled with tonnes of tech items; from laptops and tablets to phones, chargers, headphones, and all the adaptors. 

It is easy to lose cables in your case, or leave them behind, but this nifty travel bag is perfect to keep everything in place, and to ensure no wires get tied. 

Stackers Cable Tidy Travel Bag, £30, John Lewis 


Happy Travels Travel Document Wallet

Passport? Check. Currency? Check. Bank cards? check. Boarding pass? Check.

A travel wallet saves all the confusion when you are on the go, as there is a compartment for absolutely everything, all in one handheld purse. 

Happy Travels Travel Document Wallet, £10 (Was £30), Estella Bartlett 


Magnetic OliClip

Instagram has gone crazy for magnetic clips you can attach around your hand luggage, or suitcase, and onto your sun hat. 

For those who don’t want to roll their hat into their suitcase, or wear it 24/7 at the airport, this is the nifty gadget to make sure it doesn’t go awol at the airport. 

Magnetic OliClip, £12.99, Etsy 


Shadey Attachment

How often do you find you are shielding your phone just to look at directions, or take a good photo, or even reply to your family Whatsapp chat? 

This attachment is the solution, as it works as your phone’s very own visor to keep it in the shade so you can see your screen crystal clear. 

Shadey Attachment, £12.99, Etsy 


Universal Adaptor

Adapters are always the one thing we forget to pack, or the one item we don’t ever pack enough of.

Getting the right fitting is also another issue, but this Airline Flight Adapter will solve all those problems, as it has every adaptor built in one device to save the hassle on your next trip. 

Universal Adaptor, £22.99, Decathlon 


Mushie Silicone Finger Toothbrush

While the Mushie Finger Toothbrushes are aimed at teaching children how to brush their teeth, they can also be used for kids, or adults, when on the go. 

Whether you have a long haul family holiday in the diary, or simply stuck for space, these will make sure your dental hygiene doesn’t drop off while you’re away. 

Mushie Silicone Finger Toothbrush, £8.50, Mori


The Hanging Toiletry Bag

A genius travel solution we cannot travel without. 

This toiletry bag has a compartment for absolutely everything, so you don’t have to fear your shampoo will spill out all over your toothbrush in your case. And you also won’t have to rummage through your bag to find what you need, as every item has a home. 

The best part is it is compact enough to fit in your hand luggage or case, but when you reach your destination it can fold out and hang neatly behind the door for easy access. 

The Hanging Toiletry Bag, £65, Away


Compression Packing Cubes

We have heard of packing cubes, but not compression packing cubes.

For those who simply can’t help but overpack (me), these cubes not only work to help you get organised ahead of your trip, but have an added zip on each pouch to tighten the cube even more so you can fit all of your essentials in your case with ease. 

Compression Packing Cubes, £39.99, Amazon


Tile’s Mate – the versatile tracker

There’s always one on holiday who can’t find their phone, keys, hotel key card, or other item, which is why Tile’s Mate tracker is a must. 

Whether you are away or abroad simply attach this contraption inside your wallet, or on your phone, sync it to be tracked, and in the case it goes missing you will be able to find your missing item more efficiently.

Mate the versatile tracker, £13.99, Tile


Portable Fan 

Wherever in the world you are a portable fan is essential when it gets a little too hot and humid. 

This handheld prop can give you a quick gust of wind to help cool you down, so whether you are stuck on the London Underground in a heatwave, or relaxing in 40 degree heat poolside, this will be one affordable gadget you will get more than your money’s worth. 

Portable Fan, £10.40 (Was £13), Space NK


This folding fan is the perfect size for tucking in your handbag – and it sits upright, so you can pop it on your aeroplane or car table to keep you cool as you travel.

Mini folding fan, £16.99, Wowcher


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