Peeling and pressing multiple garlic cloves is one of the more tedious kitchen tasks. Finally, there’s an easier way to prep them with the GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

Make cooking with garlic easier with the GARLIC ROCKET ONE garlic press. This innovative garlic press processes a whole clove of garlic, including the skin, in just a click and a turn.

People have been cooking with garlic for at least 5,000 years. While the ingredient adds a rich, savory flavor to food, peeling and pressing individual cloves can be a hassle. Now, you can finally speed up the process with the GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

Check out this garlic press’s innovative technology

If you love cooking with fresh garlic but dread preparing it for recipes, the GARLIC ROCKET ONE’s creator, Peter Bindner, has the answer. He’s created a new kind of garlic press with a piston click-and-turn function that easily presses a clove of garlic through holes at the bottom.

Then, special pins clear out any remaining bits of garlic. It’s a single-step process that greatly simplifies garlic preparation, helping you enjoy it in recipes every day.

GARLIC ROCKET ONE in a workshop

Remove garlic peels easily

What’s more, this kitchen accessory takes care of the peeling, which can also get messy. Just place one unpeeled garlic clove into the chamber and turn. It peels and presses the clove in one action.

Yes, the GARLIC ROCKET ONE takes care of 2 cooking tasks at once, speeding up the process. So, the next time you’re in a rush, you don’t have to totally forgo the garlic. Just place a clove in this device—and twist.


Save your hands with this easy-to-use garlic press

Have you ever noticed how much force a standard, handheld garlic press requires from your hands? If you’re pressing a larger-than-average clove, you might even need to get your arm muscles involved.

But with this innovative garlic press, you don’t have to overexert yourself. Just place an unpeeled garlic clove in the chamber and click and turn the gadget. Freshly pressed garlic is yours without any stress or grinding of teeth.

Reduce kitchen clean up with a no-mess garlic press

Another issue with the standard garlic press is the mess it leaves behind. Fibers that don’t make it through the holes stay behind in the chamber, which you need to clean out with a sponge under running water.

Thankfully, the GARLIC ROCKET ONE doesn’t make you do that. Its interior pins push any extra garlic bits through the bottom holes and into your ingredient ramekin, leaving you with nothing to clean.

Minimize food waste with this high-quality garlic press

Also, since this innovative garlic press uses the entire garlic clove, it minimizes food waste in your kitchen. While a large portion of garlic goes to waste when you use a standard garlic press, the GARLIC ROCKET ONE lets you enjoy the full flavor of each clove in your cooking.

Get rid of garlic-smelling fingers

The scent of garlic can linger on your fingers for days if you prep it by hand. Luckily, since you place only unpeeled garlic in the chamber, your fingers never touch the crushed result when using the GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

Go for a high-quality product designed in Denmark

You get a premium-quality kitchen gadget when you go for the GARLIC ROCKET ONE. It uses high-quality materials that you can recycle infinitely.

Moreover, the metal construction meets strict requirements. Designed in Denmark, the gadget combines form and function in its beautiful, sturdy, and ergonomic shape.

Add more garlic to your cooking

Now that GARLIC ROCKET ONE removes most of the hurdles of cooking with garlic—time-consuming prep, smelly fingers, and cleanup—cooking with it every day is easy.

The new technology takes your home cooking to a whole new level, allowing you to add garlic’s additional vitamin and immune-boosting properties to all your savory dishes.

Have fun crushing garlic

Cooking should be fun, no? But, if you have to overexert yourself crushing garlic cloves in a sub-par press, you probably don’t look forward to it. This innovative garlic press changes things.

The easy-to-use piston mechanism makes the process simpler and more enjoyable. You’ll have fun hearing the click-and-twist sound of your garlic being pressed.

Read our final thoughts

If you love the flavor and health benefits of cooking with fresh garlic, the GARLIC ROCKET ONE is a must-have addition to your kitchen gadget collection. It makes preparing fresh garlic cloves easier, from peeling to cleanup.

Best of all, this gadget helps you enjoy more garlic. Support the Indiegogo campaign to bring it to life by preordering the GARLIC ROCKET ONE for about $80.

What are your favorite time-saving kitchen gadgets? Let us know in the comments.

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