This Mother’s Day, you can choose to give your tech-savvy mother unique gadgets. Illustration: Zarif Faiaz


This Mother’s Day, you can choose to give your tech-savvy mother unique gadgets. Illustration: Zarif Faiaz

Mother’s Day comes as a great opportunity to celebrate the moms in our lives. On this special day, instead of the usuals, you can opt to give useful tech gifts to your techie and modern mom. Here are our recommendations of  6 gadgets that can be great tech gifts this Mother’s Day.

Rocketbook Fusion smart reusable book

If your mom loves to keep notes, whether for office work or household chores, Rocketbook Fusion is a great gift to start out with. Using this smart notebook set is just like using paper and pen. You can simply write on it with a Pilot Frixion pen, which comes with the purchase. After finishing whatever you want to write, click the logo of the Rocketbook app to store documents in the cloud. You can then erase the paper with a damp cloth. You can choose to reuse this digital book as many times as you want. It contains pages with different layouts for planning, listing, note-taking, sketching, etc. It can cost you around Tk. 2,500 to Tk. 12,000 depending on its size and features.

Automatic handbag illuminator

Most of us cannot even live without phones for a while, whereas many of our moms just throw them into their bags without thinking much about it. But when it is time to find their phones, it becomes baffling for them. An automatic handbag illuminator can make these searches much smoother. It works by automatically turning on the light whenever the handbag is open. It lights up the inside of the bag and remains illuminated for a few seconds, so you can find your mobile phone or keys inside the bag. It automatically turns off after a few seconds. This handy device can range from Tk. 2,000 to around Tk. 5,000 in general.

Smart fingerprint padlock

Since moms juggle millions of things at a time such as kids, groceries and looking for their keys while entering the house, a smart fingerprint lock can prove to be a useful alternative to traditional locks. With a smart lock, the key is always in your hand – you just need to register your fingerprint in the system. It also ensures security for your home and is a cheaper alternative to smart fingerprint door locks. Price starts from Tk. 1,000 for such padlocks and may rise to Tk. 5,000 depending on the brand and quality.

Muscle massager

For moms who sometimes have sore feet or shoulders, a good massage can provide much-needed relief. If they have a portable muscle massager, they do not have to worry about a massage appointment or any other additional preparations. Whenever they need a massage, they can just use the device on themselves, which in turn enhances blood flow and repairs fibres. Such massagers offer a quiet and soothing experience to the users and are perfect for daily body rubs and soothing aching joints. Prices start from Tk. 1,500 and they may rise as high as above Tk. 10,000 depending on brand and functionalities.

Tile Mate

The Tile Bluetooth trackers may be a strange but useful gift for Mother’s Day. Moms can use this device to find out their keys, bags, wallet or any misplaced items. One needs to simply ring the Tile from the app that will locate the lost item by sound in case it is nearby. If it is further away, it can be tracked by seeing the location on the map in the Tile Mate app. The free app is suitable for both iOS and Android. Basic Bluetooth trackers can cost from Tk. 3,000 to Tk. 5,500, but with advanced features, they may cost more.

Wake-up light alarm sunrise clock

To wake up smoothly with warm and natural light, a wake-up light alarm sunrise clock is a perfect choice. Such sunrise lamps gradually change their colour from dark to soft bright yellow within 10-60 minutes before the alarm finally rings. The timing can be set according to your need. Brightness and light colour can be customised as well. In some clocks, the alarm can be set with different sounds such as bird-singing, stream sounds, ocean sounds and soft music. Simulated sunrise and sound gradually increase in such clocks to ensure an energetic wake-up and improve the mood in the morning. Prices can range from around Tk. 3,500 to around or over Tk. 10,000.


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