2022 was a year of innovation and technology. Although the world has seemed like a madhouse since 2020 (or longer,

Top 10 Gadgets

2022 was a year of innovation and technology.

Although the world has seemed like a madhouse since 2020 (or longer, for some), 2022 at least brought us some cool tech to take the sting out of a world gone crazy.

Here’s a quick look at the top 10 gadgets to come from 2022:

  • Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror: This full-sized (50″) touch-screen interactive mirror comes with “3,000 live and on-demand connected fitness classes” from beginner to pro. It’s 33% off on Amazon right now so you can pick it up for $1076.
  • Apple Air Tags: These handy little devices are having a bit of a moment in the news. Some of it’s not great, with people worried about the possibility of stalkers and criminals taking advantage of their tracking technology. But others find it useful to keep track of young kids who walk to school, things you don’t want to lose like keys and so much more. Pick up a 4-pack on Amazon for $94.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold: Sorry Apple users, this is one cool phone. The new Samsung fold provides twice the surface area of screen but can fold in half and fit neatly in your pocket. The 256GB version is on Amazon for 33% off right now at $1,199.
  • Moleskine Smart Writing Set 2.0: If you’re an aspiring (or current) writer or just enjoy journaling, this notebook is for you. It’s a traditional moleskin notebook with all the feel you look for in writing paper, but it uses a smart pen that provides an instant digital copy while you write. So no more copy, scanning, or re-typing your work to get it on the computer. It’ll set you back $279, but it’s worth every penny for the writer in your life.
  • Nothing: It’s the year of the Nothing (and no, that’s not a “Neverending Story” reference). Nothing has created a phone that’s geared towards more mindful phone usage. With a clear Gorilla Glass case to show the phone’s inner workings, this sleek and powerful little phone is more than a device, it’s a fashion accessory. It isn’t for sale in the US yet but it will be soon, and the hype is real. Price point is likely to be around $450.
  • Shark RV912S EZ Robot Vacuum: It’s not an exciting purchase, but it’s a good one. This robot vacuum not only maps your house and can be sent to high-traffic areas, it empties itself easily whenever it needs to and then continues cleaning. The vacuum itself is quiet and efficient, and nearly half off right now at $279. If you’re tired of wasting your precious free time cleaning, let your robot vacuum help – and it comes with witty name suggestions like Clean Elizabeth. And yes, it’s good with pet hair.
  • Aria 7qt Air Fryer: While 2021 was the year of the air fryer, that doesn’t mean 2022 can’t see a comeback. It’s a nifty little gadget that provides crispy, flavorful food with none of the health risks of oil frying. And the Aria 7qt is teflon and non-stick (PFTE & PFOA) free with a ceramic lining, which means it’s better for your lungs than its competitors. For $103 you can fry up some tasty and healthy snacks for the whole family.
  • BLAVOR Solar Power Bank: This powerful little solar-powered power bank has 5V 2.4A output, 50% faster-charging speed, can support up to three devices at once (compatible with Apple products and most smart phones), is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. And if you know someone who needs rechargeable power on the go (say, the outdoorsman in your life?), this is a great time to buy. The BLAVOR power bank is already 46% off at $26, and Amazon is offering an additional 20% off coupon right now.
  • Moorebot Scout: It looks like a little military utility vehicle, and it provides extra video security for your home. Program the Scout to patrol a pre-programmed path in your home and record what it sees. Compatible with Alexa, Google and Siri, the Scout can be individually controlled directly from your phone and track humans and animals. Scout was also built to be compatible with 3D printing and design, so users can come up with creative ways to customize and optimize on their own. Pick it up now on Amazon for $179, plus an additional $10 off coupon.
  • NETVUE Birdfy Lite: The last two years have been rough, so maybe it’s time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. But it’s hard to watch wild birds up close, so technology has provided a way to enjoy nature from a distance. The Birdfy Lite is a smart bird feeder with a camera that allows you to see your feathered friends up close and personal – but not terrify them in the process. It’s automatically activates when someone comes to the feeder for a snack and sends a notification to your smart phone, so you can get high-quality HD video and images. Hummingbird extensions and solar power extensions can be purchased separately. Pick it up now for $239.


2022 is one of those years where it feels like the future is catching up to our expectations, and the above products will help enrich your life – or the life of someone you love.



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