Intel takes the stakes for manufacturing MediaTek Edge SoC

Intel takes the stakes for manufacturing MediaTek Edge SoC
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Intel’s semiconductor foundry private business has indeed stated that it has already been assigned a fresh contract with MediaTek to really work effectively on developing and creating the smart Edge chipset again for chipset manufacturing behemoth, MediaTek.

Intel to manufacture MediaTek Edge chipset 

Intel, the world’s fourth largest designer as well as manufacturer of computer chipsets, has secured a contract with MediaTek, a popular Taiwanese smartphone chipset maker.

Completely aside from the smartphone chipset, the firm additionally manufactures several other electronics chips such as wireless communication chipsets, television chipsets, and even all consumer electronic chipsets, that aid in the creation of around two billion gadgets each year.

All of MediaTek’s chips were typically made by TSMC, which even actually stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, as well as the tech firm has been heavily reliant on TSMC again for the creation of high-quality chipsets for many years.

However, MediaTek has already deliberately chosen Intel’s Foundry Services, which is indeed abbreviated as IFS. And  according to Randhir Thakur, Intel’s IFS President, “with this new contract, Intel will indeed be assisting MediaTek in focusing and preparing toward delivering greater and greater research as well as enhancements to its chipset for the next phase.”

In addition, the president stated that their combination of sophisticated processing technology, as well as geographically wide capacities, may well be highly leveraged to assist MediaTek to design a new range of products.

MediaTek’s chipset manufacturing is based on the Intel platform 

According to sources, the newly built MediaTek chipset will indeed be produced on the Intel 16 process, which would be a newly refurbished version of the 22FFL node which is also intended and manufactured for low-power devices.

Nevertheless, the design has not really been made public. Intel 16 supports third chipset design tools, differentiating it from other manufacturing chipsets that employ toolkits internally.

Also, it’s been said that the company will be working towards expanding the supply chain to the company. The company also looking forward to building a long-lasting partnership for meeting the demands of the products. As of now, there is no such update regarding the ordering and the development, and even the delivery of this chipset under the Intel base.

How will Intel produce the MediaTek chipset? 

Intel has said it will be investing $20 million in funds for improving its entire IFS production division.

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