NETFLIX password sharing

Netflix announced last year it is testing a major change that may result in how members can share an account.

Up until now, the standard plan, about $15 a month, allowed the primary user to share an account with a trusted friend or family member. Thus, a parent might watch a movie on a smart TV while an offspring watches another movie on a smartphone.

Two screens, one account.

It wasn’t long before Netflix had created a monster. The “trusted friend” would share the account and password with one or more other users. Those users would share with other users. Pretty soon, a bush had grown from what was a single twig.

And it wasn’t just Netflix. It’s happening with all streaming services.

“How bad is it?”

Glad you asked. Lily Hay Newman, senior writer for WIRED magazine, audited a Hulu account she had — or rather, a friend of hers had that she was using — and found more than 90 other devices were connected with the same account and password.


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