With the advancement provided by recent technological advancements, companies around the globe are quickly transitioning to the digital platform to capture a wider scope of the market. In the Philippines, young entrepreneurs are seizing every inch opportunity available as giant tech companies produce one gadget after the other outshining every feature that could make man’s life more convenient.

LA Gadget Hub, the country’s latest rising distribution company, was born out of passion and dedication to delivering state-of-the-art technology. Led by its president, Mr. Hayb Anzures, and vice president, Mr. Gerald Layug, LA Gadget Hub promises to bring new and modern innovations that could serve as a capital for investment and inspiration to many Filipino, young and adult.

Seizing the Future

The birth of new things to ponder virtually provided young Filipino entrepreneurs Anzures and Layug to offer new and unique ways of trading and business-making. “Every second is important online. We see every new technology, fungible or non-fungible, as an opportunity for advancement for our Company that can expand our learning curves and provide utmost convenience to our customers,” LA Gadget Hub President Hayb Anzures said.

The continuous growth of online games, cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and the likes, inspired Anzures to turn Layug’s old business into a multi-branch enterprise that can cater to a wider market.

“We’re starting this goal by opening our physical stores this April. LA Gadget Hub will start to offer a wide array of tech brands, which will be available in its strategically located shops around the country. We are committed to making this business even bigger as we ready our franchise programs with a lucrative franchisee-focused agreement that will interests more entrepreneurs like us,” Anzures added.

Along with its company’s high quality of professionalism, competence, service response, and valued relationship, LA Gadget Hub is set to offer a new approach to the market-driven further by its expanding revenue streams that are beneficial to its clients, employees, partners, and vendors, and community.

The Big Leap

“At LA Gadget Hub, we always keep an open mind and heart to the latest forms of technology and system that are made to provide growth opportunities. We are simultaneously pushing our boundaries to provide the market with a biggest online presence campaign of a tech distributor in the Philippines supported with a website that will be focusing on the user interface, customer support, and overall ease of access,” Anzures shared.

With at least four branches to open this year, LA Gadget Hub will focus its efforts and resources on its online strategies, which include an advance and secure website and enhanced online presence, specifically on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram as well as in various Google platforms. Currently, LA Gadget Hub is set to open its website with the biggest tech brands such as Oculus, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, VIVO, and realme among others.

More than the latest mobile gadgets, LA Gadget Hub is also gearing toward providing other innovations that could bring further security and convenience to its customers as well as next-level opportunities to its stakeholders through its wider revenue streams.

“The 20-year experience we had has provided the company stability and network that we hope to share with many Filipinos who aspire to have a better quality of life through technological advancements. We will remain committed to achieving further excellence guided by our core values of Service, Integrity, Quality, and Team Work,” Anzures concluded.

LA Gadget Hub is set to open its first physical store in Metro Manila this, June 2022. Its’ official website https://www.lagadgethub.com will be simultaneously launched to cater to the growing needs of its customers in the Philippines.


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