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The world is advancing at a fast pace. New technologies emerge every couple of years, and there is always something innovative that comes out to the market every year. Today, let us look at the best ones released in the previous year that we can now buy this year.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

If you want a big screen, like when you are playing games on sites like, you must get this monitor.

This monitor is next-gen, and it takes you to an immersive experience similar to a cinema. It is curved, and it uses all 49 inches for ultra-wide display.

The external has a white exterior, but you can adjust the lighting system. There are 52 colours to set it up and five lighting effect options to make it suit your tastes.

Ekster Wallet

The particular model you must buy is the Ekster Parliament, a smart bifold wallet that uses RFID coating. Its main function is to protect yourself from identity theft. The wallet has a mechanism that ejects cards from the storage pockets at a press of a button.

The wallet has space for ten cards, and there is also a provision for keeping cash and other papers. The product comes with an optional Bluetooth tracker with a maximum range of 200 feet. The best thing about the wallet is that it is powered by light.

Bites 2 Pet Food Dispenser

We love our pets, and it is always a problem when we have to leave the house. The solution is the Petcube Bites 2. It is a pet food dispenser with a camera, and it is also a smart device that you can connect with your mobile device.

The device has 2-way audio where you can talk to your pet while you are away. It is also sensitive to motion and sound, and you will receive notification if it senses movement and sounds. There is an option to connect the device with a veterinarian.

E5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You no longer have to do backbreaking work to clean the house. The Roborock E5 will do the cleaning for you. It is a circular device that looks like a thick plate, and its job is to vacuum your floor.

It has excellent cleaning power and abilities. The operation is quiet, and it maps your floor, so it does not have to repeat cleaning areas that are already done.

You can control the robot with a remote that comes with it. If you want, you can also download the app, or connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant. The device can clean in three hours before it needs recharging.

Skydio 2+

The drone market is too saturated, but the Skydio 2+ is one that stands out. It uses a technology called Keyframe. What it does is plan the routes, and the Skydio 2+ will follow this route on its own.

With this technology, you can use complex camera movements and shots and tell the drone the speed by which it will approach these routes.

The result is a clear shot for your video. It no longer takes mastery or skill to use drones to take aerial shots. You can even program the drone to take shots of you if no one else will do it.

DAB Motors Concept E

One of the biggest issues today is global warming. Companies like Tesla are spearheading efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of cars. The aim is to reduce air pollution.

Apparently, no one is doing this for bikes. DAB, however, is on the move. It is an electric motorcycle that is the equivalent of a 125 CC motorbike. It can give you a good ride for a few hours. With a range of 112 kilometers or 70 miles, it tops at speeds of 104 kilometers per hour or 65 mph.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer

If you love printing our photos, one of the best gadgets you can buy is an instant printer. You no longer have to go to a print shop or buy expensive and bulky printers just to take your digital copy and convert it into a physical one.

The mini printer can print stills and photos from your smartphone. It connects wirelessly, and you can use it on both Android and iOS. The print time is also fast—you can expect a printed photo in 12 seconds. If fully charged, you can print up to 100 shots.

Oculus Quest 2

If you like virtual reality or gaming on sites, get the Oculus Quest 2—a VR device that will take you to a new level of virtual experience.

The device is an all-in-one headset. The company also prepared many types of content that you can access from the library. For example, you can access multi-player games and also get content for working out. You can also participate in virtual socialization.


As the world is gearing towards efficiency, we can expect more new technologies to come. With information moving at fast speeds, there will always be a new development or discovery that will help us achieve new things.


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