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Photo: Urban Artifact

Gadget beer

Northside brewery Urban Artifact, best known for their award-winning fruit tart ales and innovative brews, is getting some national recognition after their flagship beer was named one of the best 50 beers in the world.

Men’s Journal recently published their list highlighting the globe’s best brews, which included Urban Artifact’s fruited sour ale, Gadget. The brewery describes Gadget as a fusion of sour beer with an essence of vibrant and tangy blackberries.

“With its perfectly balanced tartness and fruity notes, Gadget has become a favorite among craft beer lovers, and its inclusion in this distinguished list further solidifies its status as a world-class brew,” Urban Artifact wrote in a press release.

Men’s Journal praised Urban Artifact’s fruit tart ales, saying they deliver balance, zippy acidity and real fruit character without being overly sweet. They call Gadget their favorite example, writing “It’s crammed with raspberries and blackberries, while vanilla beans add a bit of perceived sweetness.”

“We are really thrilled and humbled to have Gadget recognized as one of the top 50 beers in the world,” Scott Hand, co-founder and chief brand officer of Urban Artifact, said in the release, adding being mentioned alongside other esteemed sours on the list is a dream come true.

“It is a true testament to the dedication and passion of our team who continuously strive to create unique and unforgettable beer experiences. We are grateful for the recognition and are excited to share Gadget’s incredible flavors with craft beer enthusiasts across the globe,” chief of operations Bret Kollmann Baker said in the release.

Men’s Journal states part of what goes into choosing the best craft beers in the world is their distribution and availability to others outside the region where the beer is produced. Urban Artifact’s reach goes across 20 states and two countries.

“With its distinct flavor profile and impeccable craftsmanship, Gadget represents the brewery’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of craft beer,” the brewery stated.

Urban Artifact, 1660 Blue Rock Road, Northside. More info:

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