If you and your friends are going to bust some ghosts like the Ghostbusters, you need some high-tech gear to get it done. Everything from tracking gadgets to explosives, you will need whatever you can use in Midnight Ghost Hunt. These spirits might be camouflaged as lamps and chairs, but they are deadly.

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As the game is a work in progress, and it is available on Steam Early Access, more gadgets could come in future updates. For now, hunters need to work with what they got. It is important to know what is your best asset and what you need when you and your buddies are in trouble.


10 C4

If you are a fan of causing absolute carnage, go for C4, as that sounds like it is your style. The high-powered explosive is deadly toward ghosts in prop and spirit form, leading to easy kills if you get skilled enough.

While powerful, C4 has its drawbacks. For one, you need to make sure you can land it to destroy your target. There are more accurate ways of blowing things up since there is the Reaper, the sniper rifle with an explosive dart that is far more popular. Secondly, C4 is an easy way to hurt your teammates. If the ghosts are aggressive, this could be worse for hunters.

9 Spectrophone

Tracking is important when on the hunt for ghosts. They are sneaky rascals who can get themselves into clever hiding spots. Spectrophone gives a general guide to where the ghosts might be hiding.

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It is not an exact location as it tracks the sound of your targets. Its accuracy is what hurts its viability. You get pointed in a direction without knowing if the ghost is right in front of you. You also don’t know how far away it is either, so you might be led on a hike with no spooky beings in sight.

8 Grappling Hook

Throwing yourself across the map with a grappling hook is always good fun in any game. For Midnight Ghost Hunt, it can be useful on more vertical maps, like Ghost Ship, if you need to quickly get to the ship’s deck when you are on the shore. When on the hunt, it can get you to ghosts, while on the flip side can get you away when the clock strikes midnight.

Some maps are tighter than others, so it makes the grappling hook not as viable. The map might be right, but ghosts may hide in tight places, taking another hit to the usefulness of this tool. You may pick it up on some games, but it may sit there, collecting dust.

7 Defibrillator

The defibrillator is another gadget that is situational. When facing aggressive ghosts, this could turn the tables if you manage to revive one of your teammates. You may not always have time, depending on the pacing of the match.

The biggest issue is how slow it is to revive teammates. While keeping things balanced to not easily revive someone, it does put you in the open for ghosts to attack. Of course, a friend can protect you, but it is still a dangerous gamble. So, if you or someone on your team picks up the defibrillator, make sure your team is well organized.

6 Grenade

Like C4, this is a very Call of Duty move for someone who is playing a spooky version of Prop Hunt. If you want to be aggressive and possibly get instant kills, this is the best choice. Cook it and get your timing down to ensure nothing is haunting the facility anymore.

The drawback to grenades is that they are deadly to everyone. You can injure your own team with explosions, so being careful is important. It is a gadget for specific types of players, and not everyone may keep their limbs by the end of the match.

5 Medic Kit

Despite the fact that the only great use for medic kits are when midnight hits, or from aggressive ghosts, it can still save a few lives. Holding three charges, you can directly heal teammates or drop it on the ground for people to pick it up.

While the defibrillator is slow, this is quick and easy as long as people are alive. It is not useful for all matches, but when the time is right, it can lead to a hunter victory where you all can grab a drink and eat some shawarma.

4 Trap

For offensive and defensive players, the trap is excellent in the right hands. On the attack, placing traps in places will grab a ghost trying to get away. It can act as a protective tool when it is midnight and ghosts are attacking. Place it in their way to slow them down for you to strike.

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It does take serious skill to make sure you have good placement and planning. Ghosts can be released after they hit it or their friend comes to attack the trap. While easy to be freed, it only takes a few seconds to turn a ghost into some blue shards when properly used.

3 Pathfinder

The second-best tracker in the game is the pathfinder. Look through the screen and follow any tracks you see to find Casper. When a ghost goes by an area recently, it can be a huge lead for the hunters as they search an area.

The issue comes when there are no tracks to find. Props staying still will give you nothing while you waste time looking for tracks. If someone picks it up on your team, have one person with it. Any more than that will be a waste.

2 Vacuum

The vacuum is a must-have on your team, with at most one to two people with the gadget. When ghosts die and turn into shards, you need someone to suck them up as soon as possible. When in shard form, they can be revived, so you need to block that possibility.

Balance is key for a hunter squad. Without the right tools, it can cause serious issues. Sucking up shards is important, but it is a wasted gadget slot if you can’t kill a ghost or if more than two people are holding it.

1 Radar

The ultimate gadget that one to two people need on them at all times. The best tracker that gives you a hotter or colder indication of how close you are to ghosts. While ghosts have counters for all of the trackers, this tends to work out the best for hunters during their search.

It can be tricky to read, similar to the spectrophone. Trying to figure out exactly where a ghost is can be difficult, but it is easier than the others. Once you find the right direction, you will get yourself stepping on ghosts.

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