1. BREO Box – Best for Overall
  2. Gadget Club Tech Box – Best for Innovative Gadgets
  3. Tech & Teach Box – Best for Educators
  4. Kiwico Eureka Crate – Best for Engineering Projects
  5. Hacker Boxes – Best for Young Inventors


Top 5 Tech Subscription Boxes for Tech Enthusiasts

BREO Box – Best for Gift Givers


BREO BOX is a quarterly subscription service that delivers curated packages of tech and lifestyle products. Since 2016, they’ve sent seasonal boxes filled with tech gadgets, home goods, health items, and more. BREO BOX searches for unique, cutting-edge products you may not find elsewhere.

Each BREO BOX contains 5-7 top-tier items valued from $200-$300. You’ll uncover smart home devices, wireless headphones, high-performance gadgets, and the latest tech innovations. BREO Box elevates your tech game by providing exclusive access to advanced technology and premium accessories.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful packaging
  • Free shipping in the continental US adds convenience
  • Customer service receives rave reviews for being very helpful
  • Products are often wish list items you can’t find elsewhere
  • Items meet customer needs with unique, cutting-edge technology
  • Highly rated on Trustpilot


  • Some gadgets require additional purchases like memory cards or batteries
  • Product preferences are subjective, so some items may not suit individual tastes

What You Can Get

The BREO BOX delivers a personalized package of new tech products quarterly. Each box contains 4-6 curated gadgets and gear for your connected lifestyle. You may receive smart home devices, audio gadgets, fitness trackers, travel tech, and more. Cutting-edge augmented reality tools, IoT devices, mobile accessories, and productivity tools are also common finds. The BREO BOX showcases a mix of big tech brands and startups for unique discoveries. With tailored selections, they aim to surprise and delight each quarter. The BREO BOX features the latest advancements to enhance your home and lifestyle with technology.

Box Frequency

The BREO BOX ships quarterly, delivering a new package every three months. When you subscribe, your first BREO BOX will ship out within a few business days. You can expect a freshly curated box of new tech innovations to arrive at your doorstep every three months so that you will receive four deliveries per year.


Breo Box Pricing:

  • One box every three months: $169 per box
  • Four boxes over 12 months (sent quarterly): $149.75 per box

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Customer Reviews

Customers seem quite happy overall with their first BREO BOX deliveries. The first BREO BOX was filled with surprisingly valuable items, leaving customers excited for their next delivery. While most loved the products, some felt certain items were too gender-specific for their households. The quality of the boxes themselves could be improved, as one arrived damaged, though the contents inside were unharmed. 

Customers are eager to get a preview of upcoming spring boxes to fuel their anticipation. Overall, the inaugural box was a hit, packed with premium items that impressed subscribers. Customers seem enthusiastic about their BREO BOX subscriptions and can’t wait for future deliveries.


Gadget Club Tech Box – Best for Innovative Gadgets


The Gadget Club Tech Box delivers three innovative tech gadgets monthly to subscribers. Each box contains one premium main gadget, like a smartwatch or wireless earbuds, along with two mini accessories. Gadget Club focuses on cutting-edge and unique tech from established and up-and-coming brands.

Starting from $39.95, the Gadget Club Box caters perfectly to tech enthusiasts looking for the latest gadgets. It is also an excellent gift proposition for tech-loving friends, family, and anyone else. Gadget Club aims to provide subscribers with a monthly customized package of trending gadgets.

Pros & Cons


  • Insider tech tips and hacks to help
  • Carefully curated only top-rated tech
  • Features gadgets that genuinely enhance your lifestyle
  • Easily skip, cancel, or adjust shipment dates anytime
  • Great value for your money compared to buying these tech items individually
  • Quick shipping 


  • Some niche gadget items may have limited usage or appeal to each customer
  • No option to narrow down interests or customize item preferences

What You Can Get

Each quarterly Gadget Club Tech Box contains one main tech gadget and two mini tech gadgets per box. The main gadgets are premium devices like smartwatches, wireless earbuds, or power banks. The mini gadgets are complementary tech accessories or innovations. Past boxes featured Bluetooth trackers, LED flashlights, phone lenses, and more.

Box Frequency

The Gadget Club Tech Box is delivered every three months. Subscribers receive a personalized mystery package with up to 4 unique gadgets quarterly.


  • One month (1 box): $49.95
  • Three months (3 boxes): $143.85 total
  • Six months (6 boxes): $269.70 total
  • 12 months (12 boxes): $528 total

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Customer Reviews

The Gadget Club Tech Box earns positive reviews for its fun, unique selection of gadgets and tech. Customers highlight the powerful 25x monocular and propeller-guarded drone as highlights. Many appreciated the box for kids and adults alike, with one buying it as a birthday gift. While some customers experienced issues with delivery and packaging, others praised Gadget Club’s responsive customer service and fast shipping times. 

Tech & Teach Box – Best for Educators


The Tech & Teach Box is a quarterly subscription service delivering the latest educational tech gadgets and teacher-inspired apparel to help educators innovatively engage students. Each seasonal box contains four to six items like coding kits, electronics, and customized gear to spark STEM learning.

Created by veteran educator Qiane Dolvin, the Tech & Teach Box aims to provide timely support and appreciation to teachers. Dolvin understands educators’ challenges and curates each box to save them time and money while also boosting passion for the profession. Though a subscription can’t solve systemic issues, Dolvin hopes delivering joy and excitement through the Tech & Teach Box will help retain more educators and show teacher appreciation.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides the latest educational technology gadgets and tools to help teachers innovate and engage students
  • Customized teacher apparel and products
  • Saves teachers time and money searching for STEM classroom materials
  • Sparks student interest in STEM/coding with hands-on projects and activities
  • Introduces emerging technologies teachers may not discover on their own
  • Offers personalized coaching to help maximize usage and impact of new tech


  • May be difficult to initially set up and assemble 
  • Cost could be prohibitively expensive for some educators with limited classroom budgets
  • Lacks customization or input on tech selections

What You Can Get

The Tech & Teach Box delivers a variety of educational tech items like coding kits, robotics, drones, and more to engage kids in STEM learning. Each box contains one to two tech gadgets/devices, one to two custom teacher-inspired apparel and products, and 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching. 

The box aims to spark children’s curiosity and problem-solving abilities through hands-on exposure to emerging technologies and individualized guidance.

Box Frequency

The Tech & Teach Box ships every 2-3 months rather than on a fixed schedule. Box frequency varies based on the seasonal themes and customized content. While not strictly quarterly, subscribers can expect to receive a new Tech & Teach Box approximately 4-6 times per year.


  • Quarterly (every three months): $115 per box
  • Biannually (every six months): $210 for two boxes
  • Annually (four boxes over one year): $398 total

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Customer Reviews

Customers love the Tech & Teach Box for sparking their kids’ STEM interests, with one calling it a “perfect gift” for their aspiring 8-year-old engineer. Customers say the coding kits and robotics projects are fun, engaging ways to teach core concepts without kids even realizing they’re learning. While some wish for more written teaching instructions, others appreciate the focus on hands-on experimentation and discovery. The occasional repetitive gadgets lead some parents to recommend it more for new users versus long-time subscribers.


Kiwico Eureka Crate – Best for Engineering Projects


KiwiCo offers a curated selection of subscription boxes filled with hands-on STEM projects to educate and inspire kids and adults alike. The company ships over 40 million crates worldwide each year.

The Eureka Crate line from KiwiCo targets teens and adults who want to explore design, engineering, and problem-solving. Each monthly Eureka Crate contains a creative project focused on applying science principles to real-world innovations. By working through these hands-on lessons, Eureka Crate subscribers join an ongoing journey of invention while building their skills. The projects are meant to nurture curiosity, inspire critical thinking, and promote an inventor’s mindset.

Those interested can take a quiz on KiwiCo’s website to find the ideal crate and theme. To subscribe, customers simply pick the crate line and delivery frequency right for them. KiwiCo tailors options for every age range, but the Eureka Crate line is specially designed for the older teen and adult audience to develop their STEM skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Detailed instructions and all required materials provided
  • Cates to a wide age range from 0 to 100 years old
  • Frequent discounts on subscriptions 
  • Option to order individual crates without subscribing monthly
  • International shipping
  • Pause or cancel your subscription at any time


  • Projects can be time-consuming for children to complete
  • Some projects are more complex and require patience to build
  • Completed projects can take up quite a bit of space for storage
  • Unable to pick the specific projects included in each crate

What You Can Get

Each Eureka Crate for 8-10-year-olds contains materials for unique science and STEM experiments. Past project themes include slime-making, volcano eruptions, crystal growing, and more educational hands-on experiments. Crates come with all required materials and detailed instructions to guide children through the scientific process from start to spectacular finish. 

Kids receive an engaging new DIY experiment kit each month, sparking scientific curiosity through interactive learning. Past crate projects kids have assembled include articulated desk lamps, electric pencil sharpeners, wooden ukuleles, and other creations that facilitate ongoing STEM discovery.

Box Frequency

The Kiwico Eureka Crate has a monthly subscription with new science and engineering project crates shipping out every 30 days. Subscribers don’t have to re-order; each month’s box is sent automatically for ongoing STEM learning.


When signing up, Kiwico asks for your birthday to create a customized plan based on your age.

For example, if you were born in July 1997, here are the pricing options:

  • Monthly: $32.95/month
  • Three months: $30.95/month
  • Six months: $28.95/month
  • One month: $26.95/month

The savings increase the longer your subscription commitment. The 6-month plan is most popular for its balance of savings and commitment.

Pricing would vary based on the age-appropriate crate for your child. Kiwico offers tailored crates for different age groups.

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Customer Reviews

Kids eagerly anticipate each Eureka Crate package. Children find the crates to be healthy and engaging pastimes they can assemble independently. Customers report no duplicated projects over years of subscriptions. Crates contain environmentally friendly materials and quality designs. Parents find that Eureka Crates brilliantly stimulates children’s STEM interests and development through unique activity kits. The one negative some customers cite is wishing for more advanced projects as kids grow older.


HackerBox – Best for Young Inventors


HackerBox delivers monthly subscription kits for hands-on hacking and making. Each surprise box contains curated electronics projects to build skills. HackerBox carefully designs every box to maximize fun and challenge. Subscribers can also browse past boxes to preview the quality of the products received.

Pros & Cons


  • Monthly boxes provide new and varied STEM projects
  • High-quality components and materials are included
  • Comprehensive online guides provided with each box
  • Active community support and idea sharing
  • Affordable subscribe and save pricing is offered


  • Some projects may be too advanced for beginners
  • Monthly deliveries can accumulate clutter
  • Scant product information before ordering

What You Can Get

Each monthly HackerBox comes with an official online box guide containing over 100 instructables. These step-by-step guides provide project ideas, tutorials, and resources for building skills. Subscribers gain access to the expansive instructional content with each box of DIY electronics kits. The instructables help bring hardware hacking projects to life, from soldering circuits to coding robots.

Box Frequency

HackerBox ships monthly, delivering a new do-it-yourself electronics kit every 30 days. Subscribers gain access to online box guides with each shipment to support the educational component.


HackerBox costs $59 for one-time purchases. Subscribers get a discounted price of $44 per box with monthly deliveries.

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Customer Reviews

Customers find that the monthly projects provide challenging yet achievable ways to grow technical abilities. While some feel beginners may struggle initially, most agree the guides and community forum provide excellent support. 

Boxes feature quality parts and materials to create functioning gadgets for learning and utility. Many appreciate the surprise and variety each month. One reviewer summarized it well  — HackerBox makes learning about electronics fun, empowering, and rewarding.

The Rise of Tech Subscription Boxes

The rise of tech subscription boxes reflects a modern consumer trend. People are drawn to curated, innovative products delivered regularly. Convenience, customization, and novelty fuel this growing popularity, as these boxes provide an engaging way to explore new technologies. With a focus on user experience, many brands tailor the content to individual preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The continuous evolution of technology, coupled with an appetite for discovery, positions tech subscription boxes as a compelling option for tech enthusiasts and novices alike. The trend’s growth shows no sign of slowing, attracting a diverse consumer base, and fostering a community around shared technological interests.

How Do Tech Subscription Boxes Work?

Tech subscription boxes deliver handpicked technology and gadgets to your door on a recurring schedule. The most popular options are monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.

With monthly deliveries every 30 days, you’ll get fresh surprises to satisfy your inner techie. Quarterly boxes ship seasonal boxes four times a year, perfect if you want the periodic excitement without as much volume. Annual tech box subscriptions are great for gifting or occasional tech sampling.

When your box arrives, the unboxing experience is part of the fun! The specially branded packaging builds eager anticipation. You’ll find creative tissue paper designs, product info cards, and tech items carefully wrapped and arranged. Curating each box is an art form to delight techies of all kinds.

You never know what combination of new gadgets, accessories, and tech innovations you’ll uncover with each delivery. Tech subscription boxes feature everything from smart home gadgets and wearable tech to gaming accessories, drones, VR gear, and the latest crowd-funded tech. With careful customization, the discoveries are tailored to surprise and delight, whether you’re tech-obsessed or just tech-curious.

Advantages of Tech Subscription Boxes

Regular Access to New Tech Gadgets

Each monthly subscription box is packed with exciting technology, making it a great gift for enthusiasts. Such boxes may include cool gadgets, fun electronics, or engineering projects. With technology subscription boxes, the thrill of receiving the first box is just the beginning.

Cost Savings and Value

A monthly box from the best tech subscription boxes provides exceptional value and cost savings. Pay for one monthly box or opt for longer subscriptions for even greater savings and free shipping within the continental US. It’s not just a gift but an investment in unique products, tech gadgets, and your everyday lifestyle. These subscriptions offer high-quality items without the hefty price tag.

Convenient Exploration of Tech Trends

Technology subscription boxes are perfect for conveniently exploring the latest trends, be it cool gadgets or new computer science concepts. Whether it’s a mystery box, quarterly subscription box, or deluxe box, there’s always something new and exciting.

From fun electronics to cool, unique products, there’s something for everyone. It’s the gadget box you never knew you needed, delivered to your door.

Popular Types of Tech Subscription Boxes

Gadgets and Accessories

Gadget box subscriptions are an exciting trend for tech lovers, providing new gadgets and accessories. They offer a variety of the latest tech tools and innovations. Subscribers enjoy receiving cool gadgets and tech gadgets with every delivery.

These technology subscription boxes cater to enthusiasts and those seeking a great gift. It’s an excellent way to explore gadgets, with options for longer subscriptions and quality products.

Home Automation and Smart Devices

Home automation and smart device subscription boxes offer a pathway to intelligent living. They include a broad range of devices such as biometric padlocks, smart home devices, mood lamps, or anything that can be used for your everyday lifestyle!

These boxes simplify daily tasks, increase energy efficiency, and provide a modern touch to any home. It’s a great way to explore smart home technology without committing to a large upfront purchase.

Gaming and Entertainment Gear

Gaming and entertainment boxes are viral among gamers and enthusiasts. They include various items such as games, controllers, VR gear, collectibles, and accessories. Subscribers experience the latest trends in gaming and entertainment, often receiving exclusive content and offers.

Whether for casual or hardcore gamers, these boxes provide tremendous value and excitement. They foster community and ensure subscribers stay current with industry trends while enjoying a personalized gaming experience.

DIY Tech Kits

DIY tech kits are designed to inspire creativity and learning through hands-on experience. These subscriptions are perfect for younger kids, hobbyists, or anyone interested in technology. Each creation crate includes all necessary parts, tools, and instructions for building gadgets, learning programming, and exploring electronics.

Step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and support are often included, catering to hobbyists, learners, and educators alike. These kits provide engaging learning experiences for all skill levels, encouraging experimentation and problem-solving.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tech Subscription Box

Types of Tech Products Included

When considering subscribing to a gadget box, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the type of gadgets included. Whether you’re searching for fitness products, interested in a new computer science concept, or looking for the perfect gift for kids, the creation crate should be tailored to suit your individual needs and interests.

Many services provide options for one box or multiple box selections, all filled with diverse products. Always consider the overall quality of the items before deciding to subscribe. Timely delivery should also be a key consideration in your choice.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Subscribing to a gadget box offers a wide array of plans, available for payment monthly or annually. Selecting subscriptions that align with your budget and specific gadget interests is important.

Some providers even offer options to pay for a complete year upfront, often at a discounted rate. Carefully evaluate each plan to ensure it offers the best value for your investment and includes your desired gadget selection. Always verify the total cost, including any potential hidden fees, before deciding to subscribe.

Making the Most of Your Tech Subscription Box

Dive In and Play

Don’t let your new gadgets gather dust! Once the box is opened, activate the products immediately and explore all the functionalities. Establish connections with your other devices and experiment freely to gauge their capabilities. While consulting the manuals has its merits, nothing beats hands-on trial and error for rapid learning. The earlier you explore your new gadgets, the faster you learn.

Learn About the Companies

Your subscription box features products from highly innovative tech brands. Upon discovering an item you like, go to the company’s website and delve into its details. Familiarize yourself with the team responsible for crafting and advancing the product. You might uncover other cool products to try!

Share Your Experience on Community Forums

Most subscription box companies have active online communities you can join. Visit the forum for your subscription box and share your honest opinions about each month’s selections. You can post reviews, ask other members questions, and swap ideas for getting the most out of tricky products. Connecting with the community keeps the discovery process social and fun.

Connect With the Brands on Social Media

If you want to stay in the loop on future innovations from the companies in your subscription box, follow them on social media. Like and comment on their product pages and announcements to join the conversation. You’ll get insider sneak peeks at upcoming releases and tips on product capabilities. Interacting with the brands makes you part of the tech community.

FAQs About Tech Subscription Boxes

Are Tech Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Past boxes show tech subscriptions can be hit or miss. For some consumers, they’re worth it if the box matches their interests. For others, the novelty wears off, and the value isn’t there. It depends on the individual as to whether tech subscription boxes are worth the cost.

Can I Customize the Items in My Subscription Box?

The ability to customize your subscription box varies greatly depending on the company. Some allow you to pick specific items or categories that match your interests, while others just send a surprise assortment each month.

We’d recommend looking closely at the details for any subscription box service you’re considering. They’ll often let you take a short quiz about your likes and dislikes so they can tailor the items more to your taste. Some even allow you to preview the upcoming month’s items and swap out anything you don’t want for an alternative.

The more flexible companies understand that everyone has unique preferences, so customization makes subscribers happier in the long run. But no two services are exactly alike, so be sure to dig into the details before signing up if you want control over what ends up in your box each month.

How Do I Cancel or Modify My Subscription?

To cancel or modify a subscription, first log in to your account. Look for options to cancel, pause, or update billing details and delivery frequency. Some require contacting customer service. Read cancellation policies closely, as many have notice periods or fees. Act promptly once decided, or unwanted boxes may ship. Changing subscriptions is usually straightforward when done ahead of billing.

Are There Different Subscription Plans to Choose From?

Yes, most subscription services offer multiple plans to choose from. Entry-level plans tend to have fewer items or choices. Higher-tier plans cost more but include premium or full-size products. Consider trial periods to test options. Look for plans that best suit your budget and preferences. Check if skipping months is allowed. Having plan flexibility makes subscriptions more customizable.


Conclusion: Elevate Your Tech Experience With Subscription Boxes

Tech subscription boxes provide a thrilling way to explore technology. Each month or quarter, you’re excited to uncover new gadgets, innovations, and skill-building kits delivered to your doorstep. From home tech to DIY electronics, a box caters to every interest. Subscriptions offer exclusive early access to the latest products and emerging advancements, letting you experience tomorrow’s tech today with curated deliveries. Elevate your tech prowess with everything from smart home devices to coding tools.

Whether you’re an early adopter, love learning hands-on, or enjoy tech toys, subscription boxes make geek life more fun. They unlock new skills, fuel passions, and deliver an experiential education with consistent excitement. Tech subscriptions satisfy the inner innovator in us all.

Find the subscription frequency, product mix, and brand vibe that fits your needs. Start your first box today!


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