The Key to Collaboration

When the course teaches you to collaborate, it is a given that you would be doing so with your peers. But what if your state-of-the-art laptop, with its limited ports, throws a spanner in the works? To navigate such tricky matters, you should get this accessory. With multiple ports to connect USB flash drives, external hard drives, smartphones, and other peripherals, simultaneously, this device is sure to get rid of any of your connection concerns. With a plethora of connectivity options, built-in card reader and Ethernet port, this adaptor will help you collaborate anywhere, with anyone.

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Calculate it

While most students now work on laptops during their financial/ accounting classes, a financial calculator can often be a life-saver. Specifically designed to perform complex financial calculations quickly and accurately, this calculator saves time and effort in calculating complicated financial equations. Plus, some MBA programmes require students to take standardised examinations such as GMAT or CFA, where often the use of specific financial calculators, such as the Texas Instruments BA II Plus, is permitted. Sometimes, it is cool to be old school.

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Note it Right

Love scribbling notes during lectures, but unable to decipher them when you need them the most? The reMarkable 2 will ensure you can scribble away to glory, yet not be found wanting when you need your notes. This speedy digital note-taking device utilises advanced technology to closely mimic the feel of a pen on paper. Its large, high-resolution display allows you to write, annotate, and organise information effectively. What’s more? The handwriting recognition feature ensures that your notes are converted into editable text, facilitating easy searching and referencing of key concepts and ideas. You can also annotate PDFs.

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Keep a Record

While one can take notes during a lecture, nothing quite beats recording it. With a dictaphone, you can focus on learning the concepts instead of taking notes. While most smartphones have voice recording apps, given the volume of recordings that you have to make during a course, and the accuracy required, it makes sense to have a dedicated device to record lectures. This device from Sony, with its dedicated 4GB storage, slips easily into your pocket and is powered by AAA batteries, so you don’t have to charge one more device. Plus, you can easily transfer the recordings to your PC through the builtin USB connector.

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Research Assistant

If you’re a management student, you’re often doing extensive reading and research and working on projects and presentations. This means you may need to print out articles, case studies, reports, etc., regularly. Having a personal printer makes sense—one that’s hassle-free and compact. This printer from HP fits the bill—it’s wireless and compact. Plus, since it features an ink tank, instead of replacing cartridges, you just need to top-up the ink. Besides this, the HP Smart app allows you to quickly scan images and documents—even on your phone—and print with a single command.

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