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Dads — you love them, but you (probably) hate to shop for them. Instead of pretending otherwise, we’re embracing the fact that they can be picky and preparing well in advance with gifts regardless of the holiday or life event you’re shopping for.

Do you have a dad who’s newly retired? What about one who likes tools and gadgets? Or does he say he already has everything he wants? We have ideas for the best gifts for your dad for any occasion. Plus they are all less than $200.

If your dad loves to have the boys over, consider gifts that will make him the entertainer of the year — like a new cookbook with some delicious recipes or a poker set.

We may not know the science behind this, but it sure does look nice, and we’re sure your dad will love it — especially if he’s a whiskey connoisseur.

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If he binge-watched The Bear, he’ll love this cookbook, which looks good on any bookshelf and will teach him how to make the best double-beef-patty melt.

Perfect for keeping his drink cold while watching a game.

Think an upgraded version of boys’ night in.

For this category, think much-needed upgrades to the things he already uses or would never think of buying for himself — like new shoes or socks.

If your dad has had the same pair of running shoes for years, these new Hoka Clifton 9’s would be the perfect gift.

If he has a beard, this will be a lifesaver for the most conditioned, healthy-looking beard out there. Containing marula oil, carrot extract, and vitamin E, the serum keeps the skin from getting itchy and dry.

Nothing beats new socks — especially these extra-cushioned ones from Bombas.

Whether it’s his birthday or the holidays, sometimes a gag gift is just what your dad needs.

Not really a gag gift but still kind of silly, these vinyl coasters will impress any music fan.

Either he has seen The Sopranos or loves to fish.

Maybe he has never told a dad joke or tells one too many, but this is sure to tease him into telling a few more.

If he knows that skin care is more than just face wash and likes a handful of fashion brands, he’ll appreciate the following as gifts.

Not only is this teddy fleece super-sleek, but it’s extremely soft to the touch. Fashion and function, baby.

Photo: Retailer

If your dad knows there’s more beyond face wash but still needs to venture into the realm of beauty, this is the perfect starter pack from Pharrell’s brand Humanrace. It has the three most important products in one’s routine (a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer) and the sleekest of packaging.

If traveling in style is important to him, this weekender bag from Rains will surely satisfy. He’ll be able to fit all of his chunky sneakers, plain tees, and his Bermuda shorts in there.

A fragrance that’s not too strong, thanks to its subtle hints of citron and driftwood. At less than $50, it won’t break the bank and will double as his go-to after-workout scent.

He might place his phone right in front of his face to read a text, but the man still likes his tech toys. If this sounds like your dad, consider the gifts below.

Behold one of the best headlamps on the market. This is sure to impress any dad who loves the outdoors or simply needs some extra lighting to find his keys.

I spy, with my little eye, a dad who is a tad bit nosey and would love to see your face pop up on the doorbell video when you come home for the holidays.

His devices will never run low on battery, thanks to this wireless charging pad.

Whether he’s a wannabe grill master or just the casual cooker, this meat thermometer is highly rated and the simplest of tools to upgrade his meals.

Or if he just has too much time on his hands.

If Wordle isn’t enough for him anymore, gift him this New York Times crossword-puzzle book.

You’ve heard of brewing your own kombucha, but take it to the next level with this DIY beer-brewing kit.

Maybe he wants to learn chess or how to shoot a basketball better. Regardless, he’ll have endless opportunities with a subscription to MasterClass.


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