Have you picked up a new piece of tech this year, or maybe purchased a brand new Apple product to give to someone special? As cool as the new gadgets themselves are, you need to protect and enhance that investment.

That’s where accessories come in – and in the world of accessories, Nomad is a well-known luxury brand. They range in price, but whether it’s a leather case, a rugged watch band or a Lightning cable that is literally indestructible, you’re getting quality on another level.

Nomad is going all out for Black Friday this year, with their Black Friday deals launching on Nov. 18, where you get 25% off any product site wide. You’ll want to get an order in early though, as products will be limited and deals end once an item is sold out.

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If you bought or are gifting an iPhone

Sport Case for iPhone ($39.95 at Nomad)

Not only does the Sport Case come in four colors—Black, Lunar Gray, Ash Green, or Marine Blue—but it will perfectly fit your iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max. There’s protection for the cameras on the back, easy access to the Lightning port, and Nomad has tossed in MagSafe support as well. It protects from drops up to six feet.

Rugged Case for iPhone ($49.95 at Nomad)

Fan of the outdoors? The new Rugged Case from Nomad is quite light, but it protects from drops up to fifteen feet. How? Well it’s thanks to strong TPU bumpers that are built into the polycarbonate frame. It also supports MagSafe charging, and if you’re rocking an Apple Watch Ultra or just love a pop of color, you must get it in the limited edition “Ultra Orange.”

Modern Leather Case ($49.95 at Nomad)

Leather cases really set Nomad apart from competitors, and this update to the classic is aptly named the “Modern Leather Case.” Rather than a Horween leather, this opts for sustainably sourced leather that is full grain and will develop a wonderful patina overtime. The leather will age gracefully and no two cases will look the same. You can also pick from four shades: Black, Brown, English Tan or Natural. This Modern Leather is sourced from the globally known Danish tannery Ecco.

Everyone could use a cable

Lightning Cable USB-C, Kevlar ($44.95 at Nomad)

We have to start with the Kevlar Lightning cable, since it’s the solution for ending the long battle against cables ripping or tearing. These issues become a thing of the past with Nomad’s USB-C to Lightning Cable. It comes in either a 1.5 meter or three meter size, and is built with a double-braided Kevlar that protects the metal from every possible angle. It’s also Apple MFi approved and supports up to 20-watt fast charging.

Lightning Cable USB-C, Sport ($24.95 at Nomad)

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Cool without Kevlar? Nomad’s Sport cable opts for a nylon braid that is still plenty durable and comes in an in the middle two meter size. It also includes a built-in tie for easy traveling or organizing. Additionally, it’s Apple MFi approved and supports up to 20-watt fast charging.

20-Watt Power Adapter ($18.95 at Nomad)

What’s a cable without a wall plug? Nomad has you covered with a 20-watt Power Adapter. It’s compact and can fit in the palm of your hand, but with 20-watts of power it can fast charge most smartphones including the iPhone. It’s about the size of the same 5-watt plug that Apple used to include with iPhones.

The easiest way to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch

Base One Max ($149.95 at Nomad)

Let’s start with the design—the Base One Max is made from a block of aluminum and screams premium. With that much weight, you don’t have to worry about this sliding off any surface. It has an Apple MagSafe charging puck built in for up to 15-watt charging on the iPhone 12, 13, or 14. But here is where it gets better, there’s an Apple Watch Charging puck built in as well. So it’s a gorgeous 2-in-1 that is perfect for charging both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Just remember to pick up a 30-watt adapter to use with this.

Base One ($99.95 at Nomad)

Now if you don’t need to charge an Apple Watch or want a small footprint charger with the same elegance, you can get the standard Base One. It’s a square piece of metal and glass with the MagSafe Puck built-in, and you’ll need to pair it with a 30-watt adapter, like this one from Nomad.

If you are gifting an Apple Watch

Sport Slim Band ($59.95 at Nomad)

I rock the Sport Slim Band from Nomad at least twice a week, especially for workouts, but a thoughtfully designed band that you can wear anytime. It’s breathable and made from a flexible FKM rubber. As the name hints, it’s not hefty or large–it’s slim all around and closes with a sleek, metal pin-and-tuck latch. You can get it in Black, Bone, Sage, Glacier Blue, or White.

Rugged Band ($59.95 at Nomad)

Just like the Rugged Case, the Rugged Band is a go-anywhere and adventure ready strap for your Apple Watch. It’s made from a thick, strong FKM and fluoroelastomer that come together for no concerns about durability. Additionally, Nomad smartly added breathable ridges to ensure your wrist doesn’t get too sweaty.

Most importantly though, they’re offering this in Ultra Orange which is basically a must-buy for anyone who loves a pop of color.

Let’s Recap

So whether you’re shopping for a friend, a family member or getting something for yourself, Nomad is a great way to add protection and charging serviceability to a new phone or watch. They can even add some excitement and functionality back into an older device, especially with that ridiculously strong Kevlar cable and a zippy wall plug.

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