Some games are interesting. Others are interactive. Today, we list board games that offer both. Get ready for those summer nights at home with fun-filled gaming sessions. Read on to see our top picks.

As a typical modern gamer, I tend to gravitate toward video games. I grew up with board games and had friends who played tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering.

It was a testament to the broad range of styles in which board and card games can come in. Jump to now, many years later, and there’s a seemingly endless number of options available to us.

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In fact, some of them can be quite innovative. And, with summer coming up, there’s no better time to buy one. Today, we’ll look at some of the most innovative board games for summer nights at home.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
A rollable electronic chessboard with online capabilities

Let’s clarify board games, card games, and tabletop RPGs.

It can be confusing when you first dive into the board game world. This is because you’ll see terminologies like board games, card games, and tabletop RPGs.

Some board games even use card systems, while card games come with a board. So what in high Heaven is the difference? There may not be one at all.

The board game description basically encompasses everything—from traditional style games to advanced ones. It’s kind of a spectrum, really.

Many of these games incorporate all of the different kinds of components each type shares, but perhaps more or less of them. For example, while a board game may actually center around a board and use fewer cards, a card game may rely more heavily on cards yet include a board.

A tabletop RPG is a kind of board game, but not all board games are RPGs. So, in a nutshell, board game is a fairly generalized and all-encompassing category for all of these things.

Spillin’ Beans is a hilariously raunchy party game that’s a ton of fun and offers an expansion pack.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Spillin’ Beans

Looking for a way to rile up your guests and liven up the party? You need a game that gets people talking. That’s where Spillin’ Beans comes in.

Spillin’ Beans is a hilariously raunchy party game that uses questions to challenge players. It’s designed to get people talking about themselves and their friends, even at the risk of embarrassment. It’s all in good fun, of course, and rather crude.

However, you’ll have a blast playing with 4 or more players, the game’s pot of beans, and various cards. Anyone who’s seen the film The Lighthouse will have a hard time not shouting Willem Dafoe’s infamous line, “Why’d ya spill yer beans?”

You can get Spillin’ Beans here (plus the optional expansion pack) starting at $27.

Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table offers a hybrid digital and tabletop experience using a touchscreen.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table

It’s not uncommon for modern board games to incorporate the use of digital elements in order to enhance gameplay. This next one, though, uses a digital gameboard.

The Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table provides a large high-res touchscreen display upon which you can play games. It has Tactile Feedback and Dynamic Zoom capabilities and reduces the need for extra components.

The gadget also supports Hasbro’s classic games like Candy Land, Scrabble, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. You can even use it for puzzles and digital coloring books. It’s kind of like the Kindle of board games, we suppose—definitely one of the most innovative board game devices.

You can get the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table here for $899.99.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Blinks by Move38 board game

There’s a game for everyone, and sci-fi fans are sure to love the futuristic Blinks game designed by Move38. It brings neon lighting aesthetics and a host of games you can play with friends.

Blinks is futuristic and one of the most innovative board games we’ve seen. It uses hexagonal tiles that are both touch-sensitive and illuminating. You can play games like Astro, Darkball, and Heist. Not only that, but the gadget can also become an accessory for other games.

However, this is all merely scratching the surface. The game is cool enough to have collected a slew of great reviews from a broad range of internet publications—including Gadget Flow.

You can get Blinks starting at $99.

Square Off Pro Online is the world’s first ultra-portable rollable e-chessboard you can take anywhere.

Square Off Pro Online e-chessboard official promo

What board game is more classic than Chess? Personally, I enjoy a good game of chess. Unfortunately, chessboards aren’t always the easiest thing to carry around. That’s where this next gadget comes in.

The Square Off Pro Online e-chessboard is the first of its kind and is ultra-portable. This is because it can roll up when not in use. It’s also electronic with interactive LEDs and a dedicated app that can connect to it via Bluetooth.

You can play solo with the built-in AI or online against human opponents. In fact, the app even lets you video chat while you play. Chess lovers won’t want to pass this one up. It’s one of the most innovative board games you can buy right now.

You can get the Square Off Pro Online e-chessboard for $236.

What’s on the Menu? is a family game about food where you build menus and compete as a sneaky chef.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
What’s on the Menu? board game

Are you a fan of food and also strategy? You’re in luck because that’s precisely what What’s on the Menu? brings gamers. It’s a fun family game that’s filled with clever mischievousness.

What’s on the Menu? puts you in the shoes of a cook on their way to becoming the Head Chef. After joining a food competition, you’ll have the opportunity to steal, stir, and sabotage your way to success.

The game supports as many as 6 players, with sessions running anywhere from 25 to 60 minutes in length. Can you build the best menu and out-cook the competition? Go ahead and take a bite out of this one and see for yourself.

You can get What’s on the Menu? on Kickstarter with campaign pledges starting at $40.

Envelopes of Cash lets you manage payments to recruit athletes and secure the most star points.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Envelopes of Cash board game

Whether you’re a fan of US college football or not, there’s plenty to love about this next game. It’s a blast to play with friends with its interesting gameplay concepts.

Envelopes of Cash puts you in control of managing cash and payments so you can recruit athletes and accumulate the most star points. It’s like drafting, only put into an addictively entertaining board game.

The game supports up to 4 players and can be played in roughly 90 minutes with only 2 players. According to the official campaign page, you should figure on spending an additional 30 minutes per person when you play.

You can get Envelopes of Cash starting at $70.

Mondrian: Color in Motion allows you to create art while using strategy and beating high scores.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Mondrian: Color in Motion board game

Some games are just as abstract as they are innovative, and Mondorian is certainly one of them. How does it work, exactly? Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

Mondrian: Color in Motion is an interesting game that uses as many as 80 different cards. It supports up to 5 players and uses intuitive gameplay during 3 separate phases (per turn).

As you play, you’ll find yourself subconsciously and organically forming art. It’s actually quite interesting, so don’t let the simplicity of the game’s components fool you.

You can get Mondrian: Color in Motion for $30.

Round up your friends and plan your first summer game night.

Weekend Digest: The most innovative interactive board games for summer nights at home
Cards and dice from Spillin’ Beans game

You may be looking at this list of board games and be unsure which you should start with. Of course, you may also feel underwhelmed by this particular selection. Whether or not you found your next game on our list, it’s worth mentioning that we now release our top picks for board games on a weekly basis.

Just hit up our Gadget Flow Magazine to find new board game-related content and discover a myriad of exciting tabletop experiences. This way, you can round up your friends and plan your first summer game night.

If you have innovative board games you’d like to recommend, we’d love to hear about them. You can drop your suggestions in the comments below.

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