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While there is merit to occasionally running ‘naked’, without a permanent log or reminder of every step as a data point, running tech is well and truly here to stay. We’ve polled our running team and gathered our favorites for logging the miles, elevating the run and recovery experience.

Top Tech Gifts for Runners


Theragun PRO | $499

Though on the pricey side, this professional-level massage gun is worth every penny. It packs a punch and can get in deep to work out even the toughest kinks. With a rechargeable battery and exchangeable heads, the Theragun PRO is like having a personal, on-demand masseuse.

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro Wireless Headphones | $199

These are by far our favorite wireless headphones. With replaceable rubber components that help ensure you get the perfect fit, these headphones help cut down on pesky wires for tough workouts. They charge extremely quickly and offer extra noise cancellation for when you need to just tune the world out.

Stryd Pod
(Photo: Courtesy Stryd)

Stryd Pod Power Meter | $149

Execute every run at the correct effort level with a foot-mounted power meter. Stryd helps runners dial in their effort so that you can nail your workouts and easy runs with additional power data that watches don’t provide. Stryd also offers a library of content, a podcast, and an active online community to help bring using the metric of power to life for runners new to the concept.

Gamin Enduro
(Photo: Courtesy Garmin)

Garmin Enduro Watch | $800

This powerhouse of a wrist computer has a monster 550-hour battery life. This is the perfect watch for runners undertaking ultra long adventures. With navigation, recovery coaching, and even strength-training built in, this watch is a true swiss-army knife for runners.

Mighty MP2
(Photo: Courtesy Mighty)

Mighty MP3 Player | $119

Take your Spotify or Amazon playlists on the go with Mighty’s Bluetooth MP3 player. Wirelessly sync your playlists and podcasts into this little square that you can clip to your shirt or shorts for the run.

Hyperice Roller
(Photo: Courtesy Hyperice)

Hyperice Vibrating Vyper 2.0 Foam Roller | $149

This is your next-level recovery tool. Three speeds of high-intensity vibration help loosen and relax sore muscles, and deep groves are designed to unlock tough knots. This roller is a godsend for troublesome hamstrings.

Normatec Go
Photo: Courtesy Hyperice

Normatec Go | $330

Normatec’s lateset offering, Normatec Go, are dynamic air compression calf sleeves. Designed to be the ultimate in portability, Normatec Go is a totally mobile dynamic air compression system. The calf sleeves are without wires, hoses, or any additional pump/control units. They can be controlled on the calf sleeves themselves (individually or synched together), or controlled by an App on your phone.

Apple Watch Ultra
(Photo: Courtesy Apple)

Apple Watch Ultra | $800

With the increased battery life and low-power options, you’re looking at a smartwatch that can effectively handle any workout, event, or outdoor adventure that you could throw at it. Apple also teased a low-power workout mode that would give additional battery life, but with reduced resolution of GPS and heart-rate readings coming soon. The low profile of this watch makes it a great alternative to bulkier sports watches on the market.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
(Photo: Courtesy Garmin)

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Watch | $330

While this watch has the basic training features you’d expect from any GPS watch like stat tracking and analytics, it really shines with its built-in music streaming. Wireless Bluetooth syncing lets you take music on the run without carrying a bulky phone. A built-in incident detection alert lets your loved ones know in the event of incidents so that you can run worry-free.

Shokz Headphones
(Photo: Courtesy Shokz)

Shokz OpenRun Headphones | $130

These bone-conducting earphones let you stay in touch with your surrounding while also bumping tunes on the trail. With some of the most dynamic bass available, these earphones sit over your cheekbones to ensure that your ears stay open on the go. Eight-hour battery life means you’ll never be stranded without tunes. (Note: these headphones used to be called Aftershokz Aeropex and have recently been renamed.)

Whoop 4.0

Whoop 4.0 Wrist Band Tracker | From $30

Track your recovery with Whoop’s in-depth algorithm to make sure you’re maximizing your training and downtime. The high-tech wristband tracks your sleep, strain, and heart-rate variability to help you dive in deep on your recovery. This is the perfect gift for the runner who struggles with slowing down and taking rest days.

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