On Tuesday in Minnesota, Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC proudly announced successful patents of two new technologies that could have a tremendous impact on the cannabis industry.

The American company claims to have invented and patented a new environmentally conscious method of extracting essential oils/resins from cannabis plants and a vaporizing device with pinpoint accuracy capable of providing a pure and precise dose of those oils/resins.

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Vapor Cartridge Technology was founded by Tim McCullough, a retired engineer. Tim had observed the drastic impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on U.S. veterans and began studying the condition. He discovered that cannabinoids currently in pilot studies at the time displayed immense potential for alleviating much of the anxiety linked to PTSD.

The problem Tim encountered was that there was no means of efficiently administering a smokeless rapid-onset Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvable dose of those cannabinoids. Since 2013, Tim worked diligently to solve this problem — and today, he has now successfully invented and patented an efficient means of extracting and providing doses of cannabinoids that he feels will effectively treat PTSD and result in a paradigm shift in the medical and recreational markets.

The innovative technologies are “FDA approvable”, according to the company.

The new vaporizing technology promises to undoubtedly be the most cost-efficient means of administering cannabinoid vapours when taking the quantity of chemical compounds present in the bloodstream into consideration. The company also claims that its new vaporizer will be the only technology capable of providing dose control, purity assurance and formulation control for an inhaled botanical vapour required by the FDA.

“Once commercialized the Vapor Cartridge Technology will quickly become the medical standard for ingesting cannabinoid drugs in vapor form, and it will become the overwhelming preference of retail recreational adult users,” said a spokesperson for the company.

The organization is currently pursuing licensing opportunities for its new technology and has launched a detailed web page outlining the science, competitive analysis and benefits of the new patented vaporizer and extraction method to help accomplish that goal.


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